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    hand holding smartphone looking at delivery van.

    Ford Launches Telematics Platform and Mobile App to Help Maximize your Fleet's Performance

    Ford Commercial Solutions officially launches a web-based software platform and subscription service designed to help commercial vehicle customers.
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    blue sketched drawing of train station with a conversation with ford over top.

    Michigan Central Development Community Meeting

    On Thursday, June 25, 2020, we held a virtual community meeting to share project updates and give residents the opportunity to ask questions of the development team.
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    red bronco on mountain.

    The Ford Bronco

    Bronco - the world's first Sport-Utility Vehicle.
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    girl working at computer.

    Ford Summer Intern Program Virtual During Pandemic

    Provides career development opportunities for more than 600 U.S. students with remote work starting in June.
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    red electric car charging port.

    Ford Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

    Ford Motor Company intends to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050, while setting interim targets to more urgently address climate change challenges.
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    A female Ford employee sewing a protective gown with a sewing machine.

    Ford community responds to pandemic on local and national scale

    Creativity, ingenuity and pride are on full display as everything from medical supplies to meals are being made all over the country.
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    man wearing mask working at machine.

    Restarting Ford: Safety Priority One as Ford Readies to Reboot Critical Manufacturing Worldwide

    Ford will continue making decisions with the health and safety of our workforce as the highest priority through the coronavirus crisis.
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    male worker holding part.

    Ford and 3M Now Shipping Powered Air-Purifying Respirators

    Ford, with design and testing consultation from 3M, and approval from the CDC has begun shipping urgently needed powered air-purifying respirators.
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    stacked face sheilds in plant.

    Ford To Produce Respirators, Masks For COVID-19 Protection In Michigan

    Ford is expanding its efforts to design and produce urgently needed medical equipment and supplies.
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    young woman wearing mask making personal protection equipment.

    Ford’s Family of Employee Volunteers to the Fore with Global Covid-19 Face Shield Efforts

    Ford manufacturing facilities around the world have accepted a new challenge as we confront a pandemic.
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    two men wearing face masks with machinery in shop.

    Ford to Restart European Manufacturing Production with Enhanced Employee Protection Protocols in Place

    Maintaining the health of Ford’s workforce is the top priority when production resumes.
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    two construction workings working on roof with table saw and wood.

    Ford Fast Track Job Program

    With priority given to residents who live in the Michigan Central impact area, this 4-month paid work experience program begins in 2020.
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    stacked face sheilds in plant.

    Ford will produce face shields in its Brazil and Argentina plants to fight the coronavirus pandemic

    Ford manufactured medical supplies will be donated to health professionals on the front line fighting the disease.
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    creating tomorrow together logo.

    A Neighborhood Newsletter from Ford

    Issue NO. 5, April 2020
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    van and tent with badging and people getting tested for covid.

    Ford, Wayne State University, Access Coalition Launch First Mobile COVID-19 Testing for Michigan First Responders

    Launching new initiatives that will improve access to COVID-19 testing for symptomatic first responders, health care workers and corrections officers in Michigan.
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    historic original blue lincoln continental on red background.

    The Origins of the Lincoln Continental – The story of the creation of a design classic

    Learn the history of the design classic, the Lincoln Continental.
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    man and woman tending crops.

    Garden for Security

    Ford’s contributions in World War II extended beyond military production on the assembly lines. In 1943, the Ford Motor Company Garden Educational Service was established to assist communities on the home front.
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    people in mission control.

    Ford Philco and the Mission Control Center

    Did you know that Ford Motor Company had a huge role with the space program? Learn the details of the construction of Mission Control.
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    ford fund logo.

    Ford Fund Announces New Virtual Opportunities for Employees to Help Fight COVID-19

    Ford Fund launches COVID-19 Donation Match & “Read and Record” virtual volunteering project to give employees/others ways to help.
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    1942 historic bomber plane in hanger.

    A Heritage of Help

    Throughout its 117-year history Ford has stepped up and made contributions in times of need. From bombers to incubators, vehicles are not the only items to come out of Ford plants.
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    male employee in blue shirt wearing face sheild.

    Ford Works With 3M, GE, UAW to Speed Production of Respirators for Healthcare Workers, Ventilators for Coronavirus Patients

    Ford is working with 3M to manufacture at scale Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs).
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    ventilator produced by ford.

    Ford to Produce 50,000 Ventilators in Michigan in Next 100 Days; Partnering with GE Healthcare Will Help Coronavirus Patients

    Ford, in collaboration with GE Healthcare, will leverage the design of Airon Corp.’s FDA-cleared ventilator to produce in Michigan.
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    ford blue oval logo.

    Coronavirus Recent Updates

    The steps Ford has taken to reduce risk and foster safety in all of its locations, including manufacturing environments.
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    blue background with white text for Ford credit.

    Committed to lending a hand, Ford offers assistance to US based customers and communities during COVID-19 outbreak

    Ford is focusing on the health and peace of mind of customers during developing outbreak of COVID-19.
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    hands ipad and nuts.

    Ford Develops 3D-Printed Locking Wheel Nuts to Thwart Thieves

    Ford-patented unique lock wheel nuts, personalized by an owner's voice, could prevent alloy wheel thefts.
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    historic ford building.

    Century of Progress

    The Century of Progress Exposition highlighted innovation in the early-1930s and was the birthplace of the Ford Rotunda.
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    white smart city delivery van.

    Smart City Van Research

    Ford Motor Company is developing and testing smart infrastructure technology at complex intersections across the country.
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    driving instructor and student driver.

    Ford Driving Skills for Life Kicks Off 2020 with an Expanded Hands-On Safe Driving Tour for Newly Licensed Drivers

    Around the world, Ford Driving Skills for Life programming and events are planned in more than 30 countries this year.
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    two line workers and two teal vehicles.

    Exterior Lighting History

    From automatic dimming to halogen headlamps, Ford has been on the forefront when it comes to vehicle exterior lighting.
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    Little girl with blue and red wall.

    I’ve Seen Very Few Places Like This in the World

    From food rescue to plastic recycling, Ford brings together diverse nonprofits to benefit Bangkok residents.
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    group of women with car.

    Thousands of new tech team members helping transform Ford with more on the way

    Hiring compelling talent to drive innovation
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    Man and woman holding coffee.

    Double shot of sustainability: Ford and McDonald’s collaborate to convert coffee bean waste into car parts

    Together, Ford and McDonald’s can develop sustainable materials from a significant portion of that material.
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    girl and taxi.

    Beyond the Robo-Taxi: Great Customer Experiences Will Define Self-Driving

    Ford is focused on what it will take for customers to embrace the technology, trust us enough to take a ride, and keep coming back.
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    f150s in front of train.

    Tough Goes Electric

    Our electrification plan is simple: play to our strengths and build on our iconic nameplates.
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    ford blue oval.

    Ford makeovers: quick, seamless over-the-air software updates help keep vehicle tech current

    In 2020, Ford will begin equipping most redesigned vehicles in the U.S. with over-the-air software update capability.
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    men monoitor and model

    How Ann Arbor, Michigan Became a Living Lab for City Mobility

    Ford is piloting City Insights Platform, a suite of advanced software tools allowing cities to explore and help solve a variety of mobility issues, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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    ford electric charger.

    Ford introduces North America’s largest electric vehicle charging network, helping customers confidently switch to an all-electric lifestyle

    New Ford all-electric vehicles will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger that can charge regardless of outlet power.
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    woman with clothes.

    Ford’s Legal Alliance for Women Enlists Law Firm Volunteers from Around the World for Global Day of Service

    Ford's Legal Alliance for Women organized a Global Day of Service aimed at helping nonprofit groups support women’s well-being.
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    bug cleaning.

    Self-Driving Bugaloo: How Ford Is Keeping Autonomous Car Sensors Squeaky Clean

    By Venky Krishnan, Autonomous Vehicle Systems Core Supervisor, Ford Motor Company When was the last time you thought about how insects affect your driving?
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    Ford GT40.

    Ford vs. Ferrari: Entry and Failure - 1964

    The origins of the Ford GT40 and the victory at Le Mans in 1966.
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    Ford GT40.

    Ford vs. Ferrari: Dynamometer tape video

    The origins of the Ford GT40 and the victory at Le Mans in 1966.
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    Ford Gt40 victory at le mans.

    Ford vs. Ferrari: The Le Mans Committee – Victory in 1966

    The origins of the Ford GT40 and the victory at Le Mans in 1966.
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    Ford GT40.

    Ford vs. Ferrari: The 427 GT40X - 1965

    The origins of the Ford GT40 and the victory at Le Mans in 1966.
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    1901 sweepstakes race.

    Henry Ford’s One and Only Race – The 1901 Sweepstakes

    Henry Ford wins his one and only race versus the foremost driver of his day to secure investors for his car company.
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    delivery van.

    Entrepreneurs going mobile instead of brick and mortar, driving boom in America’s van business

    Ford is seeing an additional increase in sales of its Transit van – already America’s top seller – as small business owners rethink traditional models of operation with the rise of an on-demand economy.
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    man on bike.

    Pedal Power

    Engineers at the Ford Innovation and Research Center in Palo Alto, California, are at work on a project that may offer new insights into urban mobility.
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    on the go H20.

    Thirsty? Try On-The-Go H2O

    Ford engineers turn condensation into clean, drinkable water.
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    man touching front grill and Ford logo.

    Naturally Tough

    For nearly 100 years, the Rouge Center has been a beacon of industrial innovation. Now the team at Dearborn Truck is extending that legacy by showing that toughness and sustainability work hand-in-hand.
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    farm field workers and tractor.

    Finding Sustainability in Surprising Places

    Ford teams up with Jose Cuervo? to make sustainable materials from tequila byproduct.
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    Thinking Forward

    Ford’s commitment to the future of sustainability is a key part of our DNA.
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    blacked out tail end of a mustang mach-e.

    New Generation Electric Vehicles

    The Stakes Are High: Inside the Team Developing Ford’s New Generation of Electric Vehicles
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    Ask the Gecko

    Ford researchers are going back to nature to create the next generation of sustainable materials.
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    two technicians with vehicle.

    100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line

    Experience a transformative innovation's history.
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    Van robot package.

    A smart little robot that can help make deliveries

    Ford is using robotics to explore a new frontier in the world of autonomy. Continue reading to learn more about Ford’s walking robot.
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    man in glasses with mold.

    Building in the Automotive Sandbox

    Ford’s rapid manufacturing processes, better known as 3D printing, are changing the way engineers develop and test cars. Now the process of creating prototype parts is faster, more flexible and more affordable than ever — and the results are on the road.
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    screen flowers and women.

    Flower deliveries, without the delivery driver

    Learn about how Ford is collaborating with small business to develop the next generation of self-driving cars.
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    two men working.

    Human Machine Interaction

    As the world turns toward digital technology, Ford and the F-150 are once again leading the way.
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    Driving Data for Health Care in The Gambia

    Ford teams with Riders for Health to provide smarter and more efficient medical services.
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    three ford robots.

    Freddie Ford

    Meet Freddie Ford. Ford’s 9-foot tall traveling robot who has made his permanent home at the Ford Motor Company’s archive.
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    water bottles.

    Recycling plastic water bottles

    When you recycle plastic bottles, do you ever stop and think about where that plastic ends up? One answer: Ford vehicles.
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    children and teacher.

    Sabbatical in Central America

    How defining a ‘why’ statement for your whole self, not just the work self led to helping others reach their full potential.
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    three ford family memebers on bench.

    Edsel Bryant Ford Biography

    A brief look at the life of Edsel Bryant Ford, highlighting his lifelong love of design and innovation.
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